Training, Process Improvement and Innovation

AeneaSoft is passionate about efficiency, and creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. If you suspect there is room for improvement in your business we will help you come up with a plan for success and implement it. We can help you bring out the best in your most important asset, your people!


Agile Coaching

AeneaSoft has been a proponent of Agile software development for years. We stand behind these principles through delivery using the same processes that we teach. If you are interested in exploring Agile, Test Driven Development, or would like to improve an existing Agile development lifecycle we can help. We will help you identify areas for improvement and come up with a plan to get you there. You can't afford to settle for the status quo.

Process Improvement

You can’t afford to let inefficient processes cripple your efficiency, reduce your quality and affect your bottom line. We offer process improvement consulting that will improve efficiency, accuracy, transparency and accountability. We can help you transform your internal design and development processes in order to refocus your team on a culture of continuous improvement, reducing wasted time and increasing product quality.


Outsourcing portions of your development can reduce costs and help you maintain a flexible resource base that can quickly adapt to the ebb and flow of your business. We have experience leveraging distributed teams and successfully designing and delivering software. If you are thinking about outsourcing all or part of your software development or QA we can help you identify the right tasks and give them to the right people at the right time in order to minimize risk.


We will work with you to develop and manage a successful technology and product strategy by helping you focus on the ideas and features of your product line that will create the future of the market and ensure you will be the first one to get there. We can help you capture and maximize value by linking your business and technology decisions in order to build a long lasting framework for success.

Metrics and Monitoring

Now that you have an application running in a production environment how do you really know how well it is performing? Is your application throwing exceptions, performing inefficiently and causing your customers frustration? We can help you set up a high quality environment for monitoring the health and performance of your application that can prove the quality and value of your IT investments to you and your clients.